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  1. jonathan

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    • Devin Winston, Park Hill. Undefeated at The Clash, going 6-0, including a pin that helped seal the win against the #2 ranked team in the nation. Finished with 4 pins, 1 major, 1 decision.
    • Eric Mayfield, Francis Howell North. Flyer Classic Champion with 5 tournament pins.
    • Teddy Hickey, Fort Zumwalt North. Flyer Classic Champion.
    • Luke West, Hallsville. Won the DeSmet Spartan Tournament championship at 145 pounds with a major decision in the finals.
    • David Marlow, Parkway South. Pinned his way to the finals of Flyer classic tournament where he beat Luke Hardy of Troy 10-0 to win the tourney.
    • Garret Kloeppel, Parkway South. Defeated Gus Gilliams of Jackson to win the Flyer Classic and remains undefeated. Was voted the tournament Oustanding Wrestler.

    Voting takes place on the homepage of MissouriWrestling.com
  2. jonathan

    jonathan Administrator Staff Member

    Voting ends 1/8 at 9:00pm. Results so far:

  3. scramblingDoc

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    No Cameron Rudy? After the match against Saunders.
  4. jonathan

    jonathan Administrator Staff Member

    No one nominated him.
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  5. Bulldawg Fan

    Bulldawg Fan JV Level

    This is more of a popularity contest than it is wrestler of the week. Devin Winston goes undefeated at the Clash and not the wrestler of the week? That's Crazy!!!
  6. jonathan

    jonathan Administrator Staff Member

    Devin is currently in the lead.
  7. Bulldawg Fan

    Bulldawg Fan JV Level

    Good Deal! I think that a weekend like that should get as many pats on the back as you can get!! Hard working kid!!
  8. jonathan

    jonathan Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats to Devin, he's the winner with over 48% of the vote (1792 votes)! I'll take nominations until noon today then post the next vote for Wrestler of the Week.

    Wrestler of the Week (Poll Closed)

    Devin Winston, Park Hill 48.96% (1,792 votes)
    Eric Mayfield, Francis Howell North 1.23% (45 votes)
    Teddy Hickey, Fort Zumwalt North 38.22% (1,399 votes)
    Luke West, Hallsville 6.04% (221 votes)
    David Marlow, Parkway South 3.66% (134 votes)
    Garret Kloeppel, Parkway South 1.89% (69 votes)

    Total Votes: 3,660
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  9. JMcNutt

    JMcNutt Varsity Level

    Some matches, results I found noteworthy..

    Clapper over Taylor Brown. Ex. Springs Championship match SV 3-2
    Bennetti over Meyer and Smart. Monett Champ.
    Shelton over Hernandez. Ex. Springs Champ.
    C. Brown over Barrientos. Monett Champ.
    Elam over Boyd UTB
    Phippen placing 3rd at Cheesehead
    McNutt over Fisher. Ex. Springs Champ. SV 3-1
  10. jonathan

    jonathan Administrator Staff Member

    Voting has started!

    • Zach Elam, Staley, defeated state and national champ, Jake Boyd
    • Wolfgang Clapper, Grain Valley, defeated Taylor Brown 3-2, Excelsior Springs Champ
    • Caleb Shanks, Cameron. Captures his 150th win and also a pin to seal the dual win against Moberly to move into the championship round of the Crossroads Dual Invitational
    • Donovan Benetti, Nixa - wins over Meyer and Smart, Monett Champ
    • Hunter Shelton, Oak Park, win over Ralph Hernandez and Excelsior Springs Champ
    • Connor Brown, Oak Grove, win over Joel Barrientos and Monett Champ
    • Cody Phippen, Platte County. Defeated 2 Fargo All-Americans and placing 3rd a the national level tournament Cheesehead
    • Tage McNutt, St. Joe Benton - Defeated Andrean Fisher on his way to Excelsior Springs Championship
    • Kellen Ekern, Mexico. First period falls over Class 2 #3 Brant Price and #5 Kyler Guthrie. He also pinned Nebraska Class A #6 in the first period as well.
    • Brit Wilson weighed in at 170 wrestled up to 182 and he got a 13 point lead over #5 Jeremiah Glise before Pinning him. Wilson also pinned Nebraska Class A #2 in the first period after getting 3 quick takedowns.
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