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  1. wrestling89
    wrestling89 M.Painter
    Hey Michael, would you be interested in wrestling in college?
  2. D1 Ddog
  3. Xtremecadet
    Xtremecadet D1 Ddog
    What's up coach whelean
  4. nnjljs
    nnjljs wrestej
    This is Joshua first year ever in school. He is focusing on his GPA. He is really close to a 4.2 GPA. He made the decision to focus on his grades during finals.
    I support it. Thanks
    Giving back to the Sport that gave so much to Us!!!
  6. Gregajour
  7. Jkb211
    "You can do all things that strengthen you thru Christ Jesus"
  8. shakira26
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  9. shakira26
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  10. Tim carroll
    Tim carroll Jason Keck
    Where is form to sign up my son to start with you, he's 13
    1. Jason Keck
      Jason Keck
      It is attached to the second post. I can also email it to you if you send me your email address.
      Mar 22, 2016
  11. sopaqomaxa
  12. CoachDonnell
    CoachDonnell Class4expert
    Austin Nobblit from Republic at 182lbs is no longer wrestling.
  13. christi keley
  14. CoachDonnell
    CoachDonnell jonathan
    Do you know if there is going to be an updated Class 3 rankings?
  15. Class2fn
    Thank you for the info... life has been crazy and i will be getting new rankings out this week or early next week.
  16. MatJunkie
    MatJunkie Class2fn
    BY the way, thanks for doing the rankings.
  17. MatJunkie
    MatJunkie Class2fn
    Logan White tore his UCL & is out at 113. Austin Weygandt had labrum surgery & is out. Tyler Curd probably #3 at 220, wbd Gerber, 10-6 & OT lbd to T. Williams. Lane Jellison wbf Gonz, & is like 18-3. Cole Lightfoot, SQ, has 4 losses to Cairer, Anderson and Cook & a 5-1 win over Hunter VanLue- WC Cl 3 #2. I'm an MRVC fan, so that's who I pay the most attention to. Nobile beat Clines, at 152.
  18. mutigerfan
    mutigerfan Class2fn
    Tommy wegdworth Richmond is not wrestling this year
  19. Donkey Punch
  20. Jason Keck
    Jason Keck jonathan
    Do you know why when I login I cannot access the Other Wrestling Related News where you have the Wrestler of the Week posts? That disappears completely for me once I login in with my user name and password.